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Level 1 competition

Our Level 1 gymnasts.. 43 in total.. took part in a friendly competition in Dungarvan on Saturday 29th May.

All the girls placed in the team competition and we also had some great individual results.

Level 1c over 11.. 1st Yvette Sullivan, 2nd Clarissa Stotskyy and 3rd Luda Mooney

Level 1c under 11.. 1st Grace Shiels, 2nd Chloe Buggy

Level 1c under 9.. 1st Issie O’Sullivan

Level 1b over 11… 1st Zara Notley

Level 1b under 11… 3rd Amy Martin

Level 1b under 9… 3rd Katie Notley

Level 1a under 9… 2nd Jessica Cooke, 3rd Ellie Foley

Well done to all




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Best of luck on your new move

Everyone at Kilbarry Gymnastics Academy would like to wish the members and coaching staff of Waterford Gymnastics all the very best as they move into their lovely new home at Northern Extension Industrial Park on the Old Kilmeaden Road. We would also like to welcome a new club,Waterford Acrobatic Club, at Tramore Road Business Park, to the area. Although not engaged in artistic gymnastics as we are, their sport is very closely aligned with ours. It is really heartening to see such interest in all forms of gymnastics locally and to see clubs developing full time facilities. Its a great sport, is terrific for young people and is hugely rewarding in terms of self confidence, poise, fitness and self esteem. If Kilbarry Gymnastics Academy cannot facilitate all those young people who would like to do gymnastics, because of pressure on membership numbers, we would very much hope that they would contact one of the other clubs in the area. The future looks really bright for gymnastics in Waterford.

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Coaches Helping Athletes Past Their Fears

This resource stems from a question submitted to the Ask PCA blog. Responses come from our experts including PCA Trainers, who lead live group workshops for coaches, parents, administrators and student-athletes.

“How can coaches help athletes past their fears after a mishap, such as a beaning in baseball, being thrown by a horse or falling from a gymnastics apparatus?”

PCA Response By Al Adamsen, PCA Trainer – San Francisco Bay Area
Fear — being scared of something or someone — is extreme stress. While athletes may use stress productively, fear is often debilitating, especially for a young person. Fear creates noise in the mind — negative self-talk, for example — which often inhibits, if not paralyzes, performance. Therefore, coaches must use techniques to help young athletes move past fear to a mindset that’s positive, present, and productive.

Some say that removing fear requires athletes to experience the particular situation or occurrence over and over again, creating familiarity and the chance to remove the fear. But in the case of helping a baseball player past a beaning, for example, this would mean throwing fastballs into a kid’s shoulder until he gets used to it, which is not OK. It’s as absurd as someone repeatedly falling off a horse intentionally, or falling off a gym apparatus intentionally.

But you can simulate scenarios and instruct kids on what to do in situations where the accident threatens to re-occur. You can teach them how to turn away from an inside pitch to avoid or reduce its impact. You can teach riders and gymnasts to fall more safely. All these are advisable.


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